How Do You Get Soft Skin?

How Do You Get Soft Skin?

To get soft skin, exfoliate the skin with milk, apply aloe masks weekly and sleep with a humidifier. For your body, soak in healthy oils and use glycerin and lotions that contain oatmeal. Eat walnuts, flaxseed and foods containing ceramide to enhance skin's softness.

  1. Take care of your face

    Rather than using skin scrubs, exfoliate and soften your skin by wetting a baby's washcloth and gently massaging your face. You may also hydrate your skin by cleansing your skin with milk two to three times a week. Avoid indoor heat drying out your skin by sleeping with a humidifier.

  2. Soften your body

    Make sure to always shampoo and condition your hair first, as it tends to leave a film on your body, and using soap or body wash afterward should remove it. If you are soaking in a bath, add a few drops of pure almond, grape seed or wheat germ to better hydrate your skin. Add three drops of glycerin to your lotion, and use cleansers with oatmeal as an active ingredient.

  3. Eat certain foods

    To maintain soft skin, you should eat foods like walnuts, almonds and cold-water fish. Also find foods that contain glycerin, dimethicone and antioxidants. Make sure to avoid foods or products containing alcohol, retinol and benzoyl peroxide.