How Do You Get Soft Hands?


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To get softer hands, a person should protect them from harmful products, cold temperatures and the sun, as well as moisturize them with a product that contains ceramide. It may be necessary for a person to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist for exceptionally dry hands. A skin professional may be able to recommend specific treatments as needed.

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It's important for a person to avoid harsh, alkaline chemicals, such as certain liquid soaps and detergents. For example, household products for washing dishes often contain degreasing chemicals, which can damage the hands by removing natural oils. People who want soft hands should wear protective gloves or use gentle cleaning products whenever possible.

Sunlight can cause wrinkles, dryness, cracking and other blemishes, so people should always wear sunscreen when in the sun for a prolonged period of time. An SPF of 15 or more is recommended. Sun damage can occur all year, so people should plan accordingly. Proper hand protection should also be practiced during cold weather.

People who want softer hands should use a skin-type based moisturizer to repair the skin barrier and rehydrate the skin. For exceptional lubrication, smoothness and protection, an emollient moisturizer that contains ceramide is the best option. Ceramide plays an important role in preventing necessary moisture from evaporating, and it also serves as a protective layer to inhibit the entry of microorganisms.

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