What Soaps Do Not Have Triclosan?

Some liquid soaps that do not contain triclosan include Mama Suds Hand Soap, Be Grean Bath and Body Citrus Hand & Body Soap, Aromatica Calendula Castile Soap and Chorus Supernatural Foam. Those who prefer bar soap may choose A Soap for Goodness Sake Shea Butter Shampoo and Body Bar, The Holistic Health Co. Bar Soap No. 01 Natural or True Body Natural Bar Soap.

Triclosan, or triclocarbon, is a chemical found in products such as soaps and hand sanitizers. Studies have linked the product with a disruption of thyroid function and extended use may encourage bacteria resistance to antibiotics. Because it is toxic to aquatic life, it is a danger when it ends up in the lakes, rivers and other water sources.

Triclosan is found in a number of different products ranging from liquid hand soap to toothpaste and deodorant. It's effects are still not widely known, but there are several organizations looking at its safety and effectiveness. Many people choose to avoid the chemical all together, by purchasing items that are triclosan free.

Other liquid soaps that do not contain triclosan include California Baby Super Sensitive Moisturizing Handwash, Aromatica Geranium Castile Soap and My True Nature Ollie's Hand Soap. Bar soaps include Badger Botanical Body Soap, Aubrey Organics Bath Bar and Batty's bath Cleansing Sea Salt Soap Bar.