What Are the Best Sneakers to Prevent Back Pain?


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The best sneakers to prevent back pain are running shoes, "minimal" shoes and prescription orthotic shoes. Another option is to use special inserts or insoles in other types of shoes to provide extra support.

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What Are the Best Sneakers to Prevent Back Pain?
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The design of running shoes prevents excessive impact on a person's joints. They also stabilize a foot's arch by providing motion control for pronated arches or cushioning the sole for supinated arches. Some shoe companies also provide shoes specifically designed for anti-pronation. This corrects the walking or running stride and straightens the knees, hips and spine. Running shoes are available at many retail stores or are available for special order online.

The design of a "minimal" shoe forces the foot to strike the ground at the front or middle of the foot instead of the heel. This decreases impact, which provides relief for sore joints and prevents jostling that irritates the spine. Formed from plastic or graphite, prescription orthotics correct any abnormal motion in a person's stride. Both of these types of shoes are specialized and require a doctor's prescription, and the individual must specially order the shoes, which the manufacturer crafts to fit the person. Inserts and insoles may not provide as much focused pain prevention or relief but are an option when other shoe types are not available or appropriate.

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