How Do You Get Smooth Legs After Shaving?


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According to About.com, the key to getting smooth legs after shaving is prepping the skin properly before shaving. Exfoliating the skin and using the right shaving tools also helps keep legs smooth after shaving.

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Before shaving, it is best to let the hair soften. Instead of shaving dry legs, soak them in warm water for a few minutes. Water helps add moisture to the legs and makes shaving easier. After soaking, exfoliate the skin with a gentle exfoliating body wash. Exfoliating the skin removes dead skin cells and helps get a closer shave.

Apply a few drops of baby oil to the legs. Baby oil helps moisturize the skin and also helps the razor glide over the area. After the baby oil, apply a layer of shaving cream, and use a sharp razor and shave the legs against the hair growth. Start at the bottom of the leg and work up toward the knee, and rinse the razor after every few strokes to prevent the blade from getting dull.

Rinse legs off in warm water after shaving. Apply an alcohol-free lotion or cream to the legs to help lock in moisture. In the place of lotion, baby oil or gel can be used.

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