How Do You Do Smokey Eyes If Your Eyes Are Blue?

How Do You Do Smokey Eyes If Your Eyes Are Blue?

To create a smoky eye for blue eyes, use colors such as bronze, plum or brown; use a darker color on the lid, a medium shadow in the crease and a light shade at the brow bone. Highlight the inner corner with the light shade.

It is important to choose colors that are opposite blue on the color wheel, which make blue eyes appear more vivid and stand out. Opposites of blue are browns, bronzes and plums.

For a daytime smoky look, use a bronze or rust all over the lid. Use a brown liner at the lash line, and smudge the line with a smudger or brush. Highlight the eyes with a light shadow at the inner corners. Consider a brown mascara instead of black for daytime.

For a more dramatic look for blue eyes, brush a plum shadow from the lash line to the crease. Rather than a darker color at the crease, use a medium-toned coordinated shade lighter than the lid color just above the crease. Blend a light shade at the brow bone and the inner corner to highlight the eye.

Many cosmetic companies sell coordinated kits designed to make it easier to create a smoky eye look. For blue eyes with hints of green, use reddish-toned shades. For true blue eyes, lean toward orange shades.