What Is Smirnoff Vodka Distilled From?


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Smirnoff vodka is made from corn that goes through the distilling process. This makes the vodka safe for those with a gluten allergy.

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Smirnoff was first created in 1864 by Pytor Smirnov. The Smirnoff company was the first vodka company to use charcoal filtration in the distilling process. The name Smirnov was changed to Smirnoff in 1924 when the distillery was moved to Poland. In 1925, Smirnoff opened another distillery in Paris. This distillery did not do as well as the original. In 1939, Smirnoff was brought to America by the owners of A1 Steak Sauce. It was marketed as a form of whiskey to raise sales.

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