How Do You Smell Good?


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Proper hygiene, clothing choice and diet prevent body odor and make a person smell good. Proper hygiene covers many things, including showering, drying and the products used. It is also one of the most important aspects of smelling good.

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Regular, daily showers focusing on areas that sweat often is a basic point of smelling good. For people with a regular body-odor issue, antibacterial body soap removes odor-causing bacteria better than regular soaps. Shaving problem areas, such as under the arms, can help reduce smell, since hair traps sweat and bacteria. Antiperspirants reduce sweating and are often combined with deodorants that mask odor. Like sweating, lingering water promotes bacteria growth, but thoroughly drying after a shower prevents this.

Regularly changing shoes and using foot powder helps reduce and prevent foot odor. Lightweight clothing made of natural materials allows the body to breathe, and may draw moisture away from the body. This makes it more difficult for bacteria to grow and develop an odor. Keeping pleasant-smelling deodorant powders around clothes further fights negative smells.

Some foods, such as spicy peppers, onion and garlic, have scents that can come out as a person sweats. When these foods are avoided or limited in a diet, this scent is minimized.

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