How Do You Get Smaller Pores?

It is not possible to physically shrink pores. However, it is possible to minimize the appearance of pores by cleansing and exfoliating the skin regularly. The cleaner that pores are, the smaller they appear to be.

Cleansing the face at least twice a day with a pH-balanced cleanser can make pores appear smaller. A facial brush can be used for an even deeper clean. It is also important to clean skin after workouts. Exfoliating the skin regularly using chemical or mechanical exfoliants to remove dead surface cells that make pore openings appear larger is also an option. Steaming the face with hot water infused with essential oils, such as mint and lavender, is also an effective method of deep-cleaning pores.

Wearing sunscreen to protect the skin from sun exposure can slow down cell production and force the skin to work harder. This leads to thickening of the top layer of the skin, making pores seem smaller. Using retinol-based products, such as skin serums, helps remove even more dirt and oil from pores. Microdermabrasion is another method of deep-cleaning the skin, as it removes the outermost layer of skin and suctions out pores, which then become smaller since they are no longer filled with dirt, oil and debris.