Do Slimming Belts Work?

In order for a slimming belt to work, the user must use it consistently. Although slimming belts can provide a number of benefits, they are not a cure-all for eliminating the abdominal bulge.

According to Arizona Local News, slimming belts require individual effort to actually work. Slimming belts aid in water weight reduction around the midsection, and some people can shed a few inches with persistence. Slimming belts are commonly made of neoprene fabric to encourage sweating in the abdominal zone, and some models can vibrate to aid in weight loss. Engaging in vigorous cardiovascular and abdominal workouts a few days a week may expedite water weight loss and help the user to burn extra fat while wearing the belt. Another benefit of a slimming belt is that it helps with posture and provides lightweight support throughout the day.

The user can achieve noticeable results with a slimming belt more quickly if cellophane or a sauna suit is worn while performing physical activity. However, maximum results may appear weeks or months after using a slimming belt. The user should keep in mind that weight lost with a slimming belt is only temporary without making significant diet changes and exercising regularly.