Will a Size 8.5 Men's Shoe Fit a Woman Who Wears a Size 11 Women's Shoe?

Since an 8.5 U.S. men's shoe size is equivalent to 10 U.S. women's shoe size, a U.S. 8.5-sized men's shoe will likely be tight for a woman who wears an 11 U.S. women's shoe size. The U.S. men's shoe size closest to U.S. women's size 11 would be between men's 9 to 10 size.

The idea of wearing shoes designed for men may seem appealing for some women for several reasons, including comfort and design. In this regard, it will be helpful for women to know the men's shoe size equivalent of their own shoe size when looking for a men's shoe for their own use.

Shoe sizes are usually determined by the length of the foot as shoe manufacturers have standardized the width of shoe sizes to cut down on production costs. There are some shoe manufacturers, however, that also take into consideration the varying width of the human foot in relation to their length. Although the shoe length in North America is indicated by numbers, the width of the shoe sizes are indicated by the letters A, B, C, D, E, EE, EEE, EEEE, F and G, with the size "D" being the average shoe size width.

There are several shoe sizing systems that are used in the world. The most common commercially used sizing systems are the United States and the United Kingdom shoe sizing systems.