What Is a Size 26 Waist?

In women's clothes sizing, a size 26 waist is a 26-inch waist measurement and is equivalent in most sizing systems to a small, size 6 or S-size article of women's clothing. Sizing systems vary depending on clothing manufacturer, on the type of clothing in question and on various other factors.

Women's sizes are typically determined by assessing a set of measurements as a group. Not all women's bodies fit these measurement sets, but they are widely used in fashion and design. The measurements in question are bust, waist, hips, thigh, neck, sleeve and inseam, which are combined and categorized in order to describe a size like small.

General sizes range from XS, or extra small, to XXL, or extra extra large. While these sizes bracket the usual field of clothing sizes manufactured by most designers, many other sizes are carried commercially by specialty designers who cater to markets like plus-sized fashion and the women who wear it.

Advancement from one size category to the next does not display consistency in its reflection in increased measurements. This means that it can be hard to determine what size someone is, especially if his or her body type means that his or her measurements do not conform to a certain set.