What Sites Publish 24 Karat Gold Prices in the United States?


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GoldValue.co, GoldPriceOz.com and GoldCalc.com publish 24 karat gold prices in the U.S. These three sites are regularly updated with gold prices, so users get the most current price when deciding the value of their gold.

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GoldValue.co has a page that shows the current price of gold per gram for karat ratings ranging from 6 to 24. The page has a simple calculator where users can insert the amount of gold they have for an instant calculation of its value. The gold weight can be in kilograms, ounces or grams, and users can choose the karat rating.

GoldPriceOz.com lists the price by ounce and labels to the minute when the listing was last updated. The site features graphs that chart how the price has changed over the past months or years, and a live chart tracks bids for gold over the past couple hours for a more precise way of viewing trends.

GoldCalc.com lists prices based on grams in the top-right corner for multiple karat ratings, but it uses troy ounces for the calculator. The calculator uses grams, milligrams, grains and pennyweight for entering the user's gold, then users must choose the karat rating. As the most pure, 24 is the highest rating, and it tends to fetch the highest prices.

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