What Are Some Sisters Tattoos?


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Tattoos for sisters can vary depending on how many sisters want to be involved. Sisters tattoos can be matching, include a reference to the sisters' birth order or names, or be parts of a phrase or image that are only complete when put together. Some sisters choose tattoos that have cultural meaning to them. For example, sisters of Irish descent might choose matching Gaelic symbols or Celtic knots.

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Sisters can also decide to tattoo one half of the symbol onto each sister, so that the symbol is only complete when they are together. Sisters might decide to go for more conventional, recognizable symbols such as matching hearts or half-hearts that are whole when put together, a lock and a key combination, infinity symbols, or matching flowers.

Cuded Design and Inspiration shows that other sisters opt for quote tattoos that refer to their bond. These can be identical quotes, or the quote can be split up so that it is only whole when the halves are put together. Finally, some sisters create tattoos that involve a pattern or depict a scene. For example, some sisters tattoo a matching flock of doves across their backs, or a flock of birds where the birds line up with each other in some sort of formation when the sisters stand side to side.

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