What Are Some Simple Wedding Hairstyles?


One simple wedding hairstyle is the Ultimate Waterfall Braid. This style looks good on those with straight or curly hairstyles and can be completed by the individual herself after sufficient practice.

She must begin with a French braid over her right ear. The "waterfall" begins when she pulls her left strand into the middle and then pulls her top hair into the middle. Next, she drops the right strand down and picks up the hair section right behind the newly dropped strand. She places this section into the braid's middle part and then continue this method, working towards the left side of her head. When she reaches the left side, she drops the strand of hair on the right and then wraps the left strand over the middle piece. The final steps are to secure the strand with a bobby pin and then to use her other hair to obscure the pin.

A simpler wedding hairstyle is a low-braided headband bun, suited to rustic environments and to keeping each strand in its place. She must separate a tiny section of hair from her hairline's front and begin a miniature Dutch braid behind it. When her braid reaches the top of her ears, she must progress downward in a normal braid and wrap clear elastic over its end. Next, she pulls all hair into a ponytail at her nape, wraps ponytail pieces into the band and tucks left-out front strand pieces over the braid. Then, she pins them in place.