What Are Some Simple Feminine Hairstyles?


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Some simple, feminine hairstyles are a long, voluminous look, a shaggy bob, beachy waves and a spiky pixie. A couple of alternative options are a low, sleek ponytail, a bed head look or long, soft curls.

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What Are Some Simple Feminine Hairstyles?
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To achieve the long, voluminous look, hair is blow-dried in small sections with a large round brush to achieve a full, straight style. Applying a finishing serum and a little hairspray ensures the hair looks smooth but stays put without weighing it down. To achieve a shaggy bob, setting spray is sprayed into mostly dry hair before blow drying the hair completely dry on a low setting. It can help to use a diffuser or fingers to scrunch texture into the hair.

For beachy waves, mousse is run through locks and then blow-dried with a diffuser. Next, a large barrel curling iron is used to create a loose curl in the ends of the hair. A setting spray is sprayed into hair, and fingers are run through the ends to separate the curls. To achieve a spiky pixie, hair is dried up with a small round brush, then a medium curling iron is passed through the hair to give the ends a little bend. The sections are broken up and sprayed with setting spray or a light holding wax, and hair is pulled up into place using fingers from both hands.

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