How Do You Get a Silver Forest Jewelry Catalogue?


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To get the Silver Forest Jewelry catalogue, visit SilverForest.com, and browse through the available selection. As of 2015, the website updates regularly with different products and articles of jewelry for sale.

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The Silver Forest brand does not use any nickel in its plating process to avoid triggering allergic reactions in customers. The company uses genuine semi-precious stones, and it also features natural materials in its gem-inlaid options. The brand uses three distinct color processing techniques to finish its jewelry, according to Silver Forest, and the process is designed to bring out the most vibrant color and the most functional appearance in every particular type of metal used in the jewelry catalog.

As of 2015, Silver Forest provides frequent shoppers with a Frequent Buyer Card to allow customers to maximize on points and deals. Each time a shopper purchases something from a Silver Forest retailer, she earns a card sticker. After every five stickers, shoppers write down three styles of jewelry according to the brand's categorization system that they would like as a gift. After writing down their selections, they mail the cards to the Silver Forest's mailing center, and then the company mails them one of the choices as a free gift.

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