How Does Silk'n Flash and Go Work?


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Silk'n Flash and Go uses home pulsed light to remove hair from the roots. The light pulses over the skin in order to stop hair growth in the area. To use, simply plug it into the outlet and allow it to warm up. Place the Silk'n Flash and Go over the area where hair removal is desired, and pull the device's trigger. Moving the device removes the hair without any pain endured.

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The Silk'n Flash and Go provides easy and quick hair removal. It is approved for use in even the most sensitive areas, whereas most other home units are not equipped to handle such tasks. It leaves the skin smoother than razors and eliminates ingrown hairs and the potential for razor burn. It is also very portable and comes equipped with an international plug.

Unfortunately, the Silk'n Flash and Go does not work for everyone. Those with darker complexions are unable to use the device, which comes equipped with a color sensor that indicates if the skin tone is too dark or too tanned to be able to use it. It requires multiple usage sessions in order to reduce the overall growth of hair. Typically, it takes four treatments, and the energy level of the device must be increased each treatment.

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