What Are Some Signs You Should Have a Toenail Problem Checked Out by a Doctor?


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Tenderness, heat, pain and an increase in swelling on or around the affected toenail are signs of a bacterial infection that needs medical attention, advises WebMD. Red streaks that extend from the affected toe, unexplained fever and pus discharge also require a doctor's attention.

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If the appearance of the toenail is concerning, the toenail thickens and causes discomfort or pain, or a fungal infection appears to spread to the skin underneath the toenail, a consultation with a doctor is in order, instructs WebMD. Treatment is optional if the toenail is damaged or discolored, but there is no accompanying pain or discomfort.

Treatment options for fungal nail infections include oral antifungal medications and topical treatments, explains WebMD. Oral antifungal medications have potentially dangerous side effects and are expensive, which the patient and doctor must consider before beginning an antifungal treatment program.

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