What Are Some Signs of a Fake Louis Vuitton Purse?


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Some signs that a Louis Vuitton bag is fake include uneven stitching on the handles, mismatched patterns at the seams and an incorrect pattern or one with misspelled words. Also, counterfeit Louis Vuitton bags often have cheap hardware, missing interior pockets and different color fabric linings than originals.

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Counterfeit bags differ from originals in their construction, hardware, materials, lining and packaging. Fake bags have uneven or irregular stitching and loose threads. Hardware for zippers, rings or feet feels hollow and may be gold-painted plastic. Prints with imperfections or colors that bleed into one another are also indications that the bag is counterfeit.

Fake purses also typically have cheap material for the trim. Louis Vuitton classic monogram styles use leather trim, not plastic. If the bag has inexpensive tags made of plastic discs with white string or a cut out portion of the LV logo, that is another sign it is false. Original bags don't have dust covers made of cheap fabric or with rounded edges.

A genuine Louis Vuitton bag is made to exacting standards. Seams are aligned, the patterns match, and the linings are not plastic or inexpensive suede. Zippers and other hardware feel solid and heavy. Seeing an original Louis Vuitton and observing the color, seams, pattern and other details can help customers avoid buying a fake.

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