How Do You Do a Side French Braid?

To create a side French braid, part the hair, start a regular braid and start adding sections to the crossover strands. Braid across the nape and around the back to the far ear before finishing with a traditional plait.

  1. Prepare the hair

    Hair should be slightly damp. Using a comb, make a straight part to one side.

  2. Start the braid

    Divide a 2-inch section on top of the head starting at the part. Separate this segment into three equal sections. Cross the right strand over the middle and the left strand over the new middle.

  3. Add to the crossover strands

    Before crossing over again, add a small strand of hair from the hairline. Add it to the section about to be crossed over, and braid. Pull the braid tight. Take a small strand of hair from near the part, add it to the next crossover section, and braid. Continue adding to the crossover sections in this manner until you are 1 inch away from the nape.

  4. Braid across the neckline

    Pull the braid under the widest part of the head. Grab a small strand from the hairline, add it to the crossover section and braid. Add to the top crossover strand from the hair at the crown. Control the direction of the braid by holding it horizontally across the neckline.

  5. Complete the French braiding

    Continue braiding horizontally as you traverse the nape and head for the far ear. As you braid toward this ear, you should be adding hair from the part again. All of the hair should be incorporated in the French braid by the time you reach the ear.

  6. Finish the braid

    Gather all the hair under the ear, and tighten the braid. Finish braiding this tail into a traditional plait. Secure with a hair tie.