How Do You Shrink a Sweatshirt?

How Do You Shrink a Sweatshirt?

To shrink a sweatshirt, wash it with color-safe detergent and hot water, then dry the garment in a hot dryer. Repeat the process until the garment shrinks to the required size.

  1. Wash the sweatshirt

    Put your sweatshirt in the washer. Fill the washer with water, and add color-safe detergent. Set the washer on high heat, and run a regular cycle.

  2. Dry the garment

    Once clean, put the sweatshirt in the dryer. Dry the sweatshirt on the highest heat for 30 minutes. Check the garment, and dry again as needed until it dries completely.

  3. Repeat the procedure if needed

    Once dry, remove the garment from the dryer, and check the size. Repeat the process as needed until you get the desired size.