How Do You Shrink Cowboy Boots?

To shrink cowboy boots, first soak the leather with water. Apply heat consistently until the leather dries completely. Apply a conditioning cream to prevent cracking.

  1. Prepare the boots

    Place the boots on a flat surface that will not be damaged by water. Fill a spray bottle with hot water. Hold the bottle about 5 inches from the boots, and spray until the leather is wet. In the absence of a spray bottle, soak a cloth in hot water, and press it against the surface of the boots until the leather is completely saturated. Avoid getting water inside the boots.

  2. Dry the boots

    Plug in a hair dryer with variable heat settings. Turn the air speed to the lowest speed, and select the highest possible heat output. Hold the hair dryer so that the nozzle is approximately 6 inches from the leather. Aim the dryer at the part of the boot that is loosest on your feet. Hold the dryer in place, moving it slowly around the area until the leather dries. Move to the rest of the boot, continuing to move slowly, until the entire boot is dry. Try the boot on, and repeat steps one and two if necessary.

  3. Condition the boot leather

    Rub a generous amount of leather conditioner into the boots to prevent the leather from cracking or splitting. Condition every leather surface on each boot.