How Do You Shrink a Cotton T-Shirt?


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While it is not easy to control the amount a T-shirt shrinks, cotton T-shirts generally do shrink when washed and dried at very hot settings. To make sure a shirt is not shrunk too much, pull it out, and check it at regular intervals during the process.

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How Do You Shrink a Cotton T-Shirt?
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  1. Wash the T-shirt

    Turn the T-shirt inside out to protect any decoration. Wash it with the washing machine set to hot water with a hot rinse.

  2. Dry the T-shirt on high

    Put the T-shirt, still inside-out, into the dryer. Set the dryer on its highest setting and dry the T-shirt.

  3. Check the T-shirt

    Pull the T-shirt out of the dryer at regular intervals to check on the shrinking process. Some T-shirts shrink quickly, while others are treated with chemicals to prevent them from shrinking much. When the T-shirt has reached the desired size, pull it out of the dryer.

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