How Should Women Over 60 Care for Their Hair?


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Women over 60 should focus on keeping hair healthy and well-groomed, according to beauty experts. While hair does tend to change over time, lifestyle factors and genetics can also affect how hair looks and feels.

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Women over 60 can experience some thinning and hair loss, as well as graying of the hair. Keeping the hair as healthy as possible is the best way for women to maintain manageable and attractive hair as they age. Experts also advise older women to work with their natural texture, rather than trying to change it using processes and chemicals that can weaken and damage the hair since this can magnify the visible signs of aging. Another way a woman in her 60s can keep hair its healthiest is by eating well and maintaining an adequate vitamin intake. Older women should use high quality hair products designed to nourish aging hair.

Most beauty experts agree that women should go with what works best for their particular hair type and taste rather than feeling obligated to wear hair a certain way because of age. Top celebrity stylists say that older women can wear any length or style they feel comfortable with. The key for looking one's best is to wear the style in a way that harmonizes with individual face shape, skin tone and hair texture. Those who aren't sure how best to care for their hair may want to talk to local stylists to discuss options.

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