What Should You Wear With Red Pants?

should-wear-red-pants Credit: Wonwoo Lee/Image Source/Getty Images

Red pants can be paired with a number of tops, blazers and other accessories including color blocked combinations, neutral hues and patterned scarves and shirts. Red pants have been successfully worn by famous celebrities, such as Kate Middleton, Rachel Bilson, Jessica Alba, Lauren Conrad and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Red pants add brightness to a wardrobe, and they can make simple clothing items like sneakers and T-shirts look styled and chic. They can also be worn as statement pieces.

Some plain tops that go well with red pants include plain white shirts and tank tops as well as chambray or denim shirts. A plain white shirt or tank top can be worn underneath the chambray shirt, with the chambray shirt buttoned down to reveal the white top.

Patterned scarves tied around with neck with a plain white shirt can also complement red pants. In addition, basic neutrals, such as plain black blazers or double-breasted black blazers can be paired with colored pants.

A color blocked scheme can also be created to mix and match with a bright colored bottom, such as red. Solid color sweaters or shoes in hues, such as blue or purple, can provide the needed contrast to create this color blocked effect.