What Should You Wear to a Pool Party?

There are many items of clothing suitable for a pool party, including swimwear, lightweight clothing, inexpensive shoes and sunglasses. Individuals must balance how fashionable the clothing is with the likelihood of getting wet.

The obvious choice of clothing for a pool party is swimwear. One should wear functional and fancy clothing over the swimwear in order to look nice and maintain a level of comfort during the party. However, the over clothes should be easy enough to remove for swimming. Examples might include a light summer dress or sarong, shorts and button-up shirts made of light fabrics, such as rayon, cotton and silk.

Individuals should wear inexpensive shoes, such as flip-flops or sandals, to the pool party. While it is important to choose shoes that complement the overall outfit, one must consider that these are likelier to get wet than other clothing.

Sunglasses are a smart fashion accessory for any pool party as they protect the eyes from the sun. If individuals also wear a hat, they can maintain a level of facial protection from the sun while looking stylish.

One should avoid bringing expensive jewelry or watches to a pool party. However, inexpensive jewelry made from beads, leather or wood can accentuate a natural, surfer-inspired look, which may be appropriate.