What should you wear to a Mexican party?


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Party guests attending Mexican parties with traditional dress codes can wear Mexican folk outfits. However, most Mexicans in urban areas wear modern clothing styles, so typical American party attire may be more appropriate.

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Some people still wear traditional clothing styles for parties, celebrations and special occasions. Traditional Mexican clothing for women usually consists of full colorful skirts, white blouses, capes and shawls. A popular traditional outfit for men is the charro attire, which consists of a charro suit and a sombrero. The suits are usually decorated with silver studs and the sombreros are often decorated. These outfits are very popular with mariachi bands, but the style originates from Spanish horsemen. Men can also wear capes called "sarapes" and boots.

Modern clothing styles are very popular in Mexico, so guests may find that Mexican partygoers wear the same kinds of clothes that people wear in the United States and Europe. Western-formal or cocktail attire is common at celebrations such as Quinceaneras. Guests can opt for standard little black dresses or long floor-length gowns. Cocktail dresses are also popular, especially for parties with more casual dress codes. For cocktail outfits, guests can choose outfits such as knee-length dresses, knee-length skirts, dress pants, jackets and sweaters.

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