What Should You Wear With Green Pants?

should-wear-green-pants Credit: Shannon Kringen/CC-BY 2.0

What you wear with green or other boldly colored pants depends on personal style, but both Seventeen and Bloomberg Business suggest wearing muted or neutral colors. Other options include color blocking and an ombre-effect outfit.

Since green pants are colorful and draw the eye, the rest of the outfit is often conservative. For instance, men can match green pants with a white or beige oxford shirt. Gingham and tattersall patterns also look good. Shoes should be brown or black. For women, a white blouse or T-shirt is considered a classic. Any shade of beige or brown also looks attractive.

Color blocking is the fashion practice of wearing two bold colors in big blocks. In this case, match the green pants with another bold color on top, such as melon or yellow. However, accessories and shoes need to be neutral and understated.

Ombre is the fashion practice of fading a color. In this case, how you wear an ombre effect with the pants depends on the shade of green. If the green is dark or a muted tone, then the clothing should get lighter moving up, either with lighter shades of green or with a pattern that mixes green and light colors. With light green pants, the opposite is true. Color gets darker moving up, either with muted shades of green or patterns mixed with black.