What Should You Wear With Gray Pants?

Gray is a neutral color, so gray pants can go with many different colors, such as black and navy blue. Both men and women should pay attention to the undertones of the gray to match colors.

Neutrals such as gray pair well with most colors. Gray is especially versatile, as it clashes with very few colors. It even works well with other neutrals such as camel brown, white and tan. However, the undertones of the gray can influence which colors can match well with the pants. Gray hues with blue undertones tend to be very versatile and can match most colors. However, shades of gray with green undertones can be a bit trickier. These shades usually compliment rich jewel tones, such as deep purple or burgundy. Men and women can also use a color wheel to find complimentary colors. They can match the undertones in the gray with a complementary shade on the wheel.

Gray pants also make good pieces in monochromatic looks. To put together a monochromatic or ombre outfit, choose shirts and accessories in the same color or in similar shades. To make an outfit pop, pair gray pants with bold colors such as bright orange or mustard yellow.