What Should You Wear to a Bonfire?


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Bonfire wear includes anything that is comfortable, seasonally appropriate and nonflammable. Bonfire outfits can be stylish as well as functional and may include winter knit sweaters, jackets and jeans or summer shorts and tanks. Extra layers for insulation as well as hats, gloves and thick socks are also appropriate, depending upon the weather.

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Proper shoe attire is important when attending bonfires. A good pair of hiking boots is helpful when terrain is rocky or far from the road. Flat sandals work well for summer bonfires. For variable weather, wear a plaid shirt over a tank top during the warmth of day, then button the shirt up when the temperatures cool. When opting for a dress, a trendy coat over short sleeves and warm tights beneath the outfit are both acceptable to wear.

Consider accessories, makeup and perfume during a bonfire. Accessories should be simple, such as stud earrings, in order to avoid cumbersome weight or potential hazards in the outdoors. Fall fragrances, such as sandalwood, can be appropriate as perfume during autumn bonfires. Skip perfume during summer events, when scents are apt to attract mosquitoes and other insects. Sunscreen and lip balm are good ideas when remaining outdoors for lengthy periods of time.

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