How Should You Use Liquid Nail Remover?


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To remove LIQUID NAILS adhesive from materials, soften the adhesive by using a blow dryer or electric heat gun to heat the material above 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and then scrape it away. Alternatively, use mineral spirits or petroleum jelly to coat the adhesive for a period of hours or days.

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For bonded building materials, separate the items by using a length of wire that is a few feet longer than the width of the part in question. Use music wire or windshield cutout wire, which is available for purchase at most auto parts stores. Wear safety gloves to protect the hands while using the wire, and wear a face shield or safety goggles to protect the face and eyes during removal. It is also possible to use a wire with handles.

Use a back-and-forth sawing motion and moderate pressure with the wire to cut through the adhesive and separate the items. This procedure is useful in separating two bricks or boards joined with the adhesive. Use two screwdrivers to prop open the gap created after cutting through a few inches and to keep the adhesive from resealing during cutting. Continue the sawing motion, and move the screwdrivers as needed. The part eventually loosen and separate.

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