Should You Pop Pimples?


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People should not pop pimples, because it can lead to more pimples in the surrounding pores, to infection or to scarring. Pimples usually heal without intervention after three to seven days.

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Dermatologists are trained to pop pimples in a safe manner. They wear clean gloves and use a sterile needle to open the infected pustule. They then remove the bacteria with a special instrument. Dermatologists only use this method when the pimple causes infection deep within the pore or if the blemish causes extreme discomfort in the patient. A person can use a noncomedogenic makeup to disguise the appearance of a pimple. This type of concealer contains no oils that can further clog the pore. Another option is to wash the area gently with soap or an astringent to remove excess oils. Rubbing alcohol can also help dry out the affected area.

An individual with severe breakouts can consult a dermatologist for other options. A skin specialist can prescribe medication or hygiene practices to help treat and prevent blemishes. Usually a pimple clears up quicker if it is left alone than when a person attempts to pop it. The pain, swelling and redness associated with a pimple is often temporary and requires some patience for relief.

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