What Should I Pack for an Abroad Vacation?


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The items you should pack for a vacation abroad depend on many factors, including the destination and the length of the trip. However, there are some essentials. Pack at least a few items of clothing, toiletries, prescription medicines, a basic first aid kit and, of course, necessary travel documents, including transportation tickets and your passport.

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Nomadic Matt, a well-known travel blogger, recommends traveling as lightly as possible. Think about lugging your bags through airports and foreign cities; the less cumbersome they are, the better. It is tempting to pack an outfit for every day of your trip, but it is not reasonable, especially for longer vacations. Try to bring at least one dressy outfit for formal nights out and a few comfortable outfits for arduous days of touring the area. Comfortable shoes are a must. Don't forget a bathing suit for a tropical destination or winter gear for a snowy getaway.

Toiletries are important, too. Bring a toothbrush, a razor, deodorant and any personal makeup and hair products. Remember your important medicines, especially antibiotics and prescriptions, which are difficult to procure in a foreign country. A small first aid kit is a good idea in case any minor injuries occur during the trip.

Finally, think about any unessential luxury items you may want to take. While not necessary, a laptop, cell phone and camera can keep you connected throughout your travels. Of course, pack a universal power adapter to charge these items, since many foreign countries have different electrical outlets and voltages.

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