What Should One Wear With Leggings?

According to StyleCaster, stylish leggings look best paired with a sweater, a tank top, or a t-shirt that is layered with a long jacket or button-down. The top should go past the waist but no further than the top of the thighs. To complete this look, an individual can choose a pair of boots or high-tops that cover the bottom of the leggings.

To add contrast to this look, an individual can choose a bright top that stands out against a pair of dark leggings. If the leggings feature a busy and colorful design, a person can choose a solid dark-colored top or jacket to neutralize the look. However, StyleCaster suggests sticking to minimally embellished designs to avoid over-complicating the outfit.

A person can create a seamless look between the leggings and the footwear by selecting a pair of shoes, boots or heels that mimic the color of the leggings. StyleCaster suggests motorcycle or statement boots for a chic look. If a person prefers to have her footwear stand out, she can choose a color that contrasts against the leggings while still complementing the top. Leggings can be paired with a mini-dress or a tunic, and they can even be paired with socks if the items are matched correctly.