What Should One Wear to Homecoming?

Attire for a homecoming dance is dressy casual, meaning a semi-formal dress for girls and a collared shirt, jacket and tie for the guys. The specific dress code for a homecoming dance will depend on the individual school and its policies.

Homecoming is a celebration at a school that is usually held in the early fall, often in conjunction with a home football game. It is a chance for alumni to return to their alma mater. The homecoming dance is usually a semi-formal affair, and attire should reflect that fact.

Girls usually wear fancy dresses to homecoming, although the gowns are not as formal as what one would wear to prom. Often the dresses are short, falling either just below or just above the knee. Depending on the weather, they might have long or short sleeves or be strapless. Cute shoes are worn that match the dress, either strappy sandals or silk shoes dyed to complement the color of the dress.

High school boys dress up for the homecoming dance by wearing dress pants such as khakis paired with a collared or button-down shirt and tie. Sometimes a suit jacket is worn to tie the outfit together, but if a lot of dancing is expected the jacked usually ends up on a chair for the duration of the night. Shoes can be leather dress shoes or loafers.