How Should One Apply Fiberglass Nails?

How Should One Apply Fiberglass Nails?

Applying fiberglass nails is a process that requires delicacy and orderly steps. Requirements for the project include fiberglass nails, stock scissors, a kicker, a sticker and nail polish remover.

  1. Wash hands

    Hands should be washed first before applying the fiberglass nails. Remove nail polish with a nail polish remover. Buff the nails lightly, and apply a thin layer of primer.

  2. Apply the acrylic tips

    Place the acrylic tips on the nails with a safe glue. Cut the nails to a desired length. Buff the nail tips to flush it with the nail bed.

  3. Apply the fiberglass

    Place the glue on the fingernail and ensure that none of the material gets on the side of the skin or cuticle. Cut with stock scissors if excess material shows. There should be no fiberglass showing on the edges.

  4. Apply the sticker

    Brush a thin layer of the sticker over the fiberglass and nails. Using too much sticker will cause bubbles to form. To speed up the hardening process, lightly spray kicker on the glue while taking care to avoid getting kicker on the skin.

  5. Rebuff and polish

    When finished, rebuff to blend the surface of the nail with the fiberglass and remove the glue. Polish the nails afterwards. Fiberglass typically lasts two weeks before the nails need to be filled in again.