What Should Be Done to Braid a Horsehair Bracelet?

What Should Be Done to Braid a Horsehair Bracelet?

In order to make a horsehair bracelet, take three bundles of horsehair, each containing about 100 strands and braid them together before connecting a barrel connector to them. Making a horsehair bracelet can be done in a few easy steps.

Before starting this project a person needs to gather three bundles of horse tail hair that are 24 inches long, a 6 millimeter barrel connector, several small rubber bands, scissors, a small pointed stick, epoxy glue, ruler, tape and a plastic bag.

Step 1: Prepare the Horsehair

Hold each group of hair tightly and attach a rubber band to the end making sure that the hair is straight and tangle free. Cut the hair about 14 inches below the rubber band. Remove the first band and shake to remove any hairs that are too short for the finished bracelet. Repeat on the other two bundles of hair.

Step 2: Braid the Hair

Tape the ends of one bundle of hair to the work surface near the rubber band. Twist loosely, starting near the rubber band. Continue to twist until you reach the end. Attach another rubber band at this end. Repeat for other two bundles. Tape all three ends to the work surface. Braid the three bundles so they become one. When done, tape the other end.

Attach the Clasp

Cover the braid with plastic bag leaving one end exposed. Make the epoxy glue according to the manufacturer's directions. Mix the epoxy and using the stick apply a small amount inside the connector. Insert all the hair into the connector. Trim the bracelet to the right size, and repeat on the other end with the other connector. Allow to dry completely.