What Should You Consider When Choosing a Razor Hair-Cutting Tool?


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When choosing a razor hair-cutting tool, the customer should consider her personal safety, the amount of use she expects to get out of the tool, the styles she wishes to achieve, price and the cost of replacement blades. Razor hair-styling tools are available in a number of styles at a variety of price points. As of October 2015, beauty-supply websites such as Sally Beauty offer a selection of hair-cutting razors along with customer reviews to help consumers make educated choices.

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Stylists who are new to razor tools should look for implements that include blade guards and other safety features. More experienced stylists may consider tools like the Personna Flare that has a freehand guard feature that exposes the blade's edge for greater styling flexibility. Professional stylists who expect to use their tools heavily should consider metal tools for maximum durability and ease of sanitation, while plastic tools with metal blades may suffice for more casual usage. Some styles of razor tools are best for simple trims, while other styles can achieve more dramatic cuts.

Because razors dull over time, the stylist should take the cost and availability of replacement blades into account when deciding which tool to purchase. Some less-expensive tools do not offer replacement blades, and the stylist must replace the entire tool when the blade dulls.

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