What Should You Avoid Putting in a Face Wash?


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Lemon, sugar, baking soda and toothpaste should be avoided in a face wash. While many websites and magazines recommend recipes that use one or some of these ingredients, these inclusions can be detrimental to skin care in many ways.

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Lemon is a fairly prolific ingredient found in several do-it-yourself recipes that should be avoided. Lemons are acidic in nature and can irritate the skin by affecting its natural pH levels. Lemons also vary in acidity, so it is impossible to gauge proper measurements for recipes. Citrus oils in lemons have a chance of being phototoxic as well, possibly causing irritation to the skin due to mild chemical burning.

Sugar should be avoided as its irregular, jagged nature in texture may tear at the skin and leave it vulnerable to drying out and flaking. Baking soda is basic in chemical construct and can cause skin to lose some of its natural acidity and become more vulnerable to bacterial infection. Toothpaste should be avoided as well, as it is basic in nature and can also attack the natural acids in the skin. Also, several of the ingredients that cause toothpaste to foam when introduced to moisture and make it minty in taste are irritants to the skin.

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