How Should You Apply Eye Makeup to Hooded Eyes?

How Should You Apply Eye Makeup to Hooded Eyes?

People with hooded eyes should use eye shadow that opens the eyes and minimizes the eyelid. This can be achieved through the application of a highlight shade, a midtone shade and a contour shade.

  1. Use a highlight shade

    Apply a light highlighting eye shadow to the brow bone and upper lash line. Use the highlight shade sparingly, as using too much can emphasize hooded lids. Smudge a small amount on the outer edge of the brow bone and around the corner of the eye.

  2. Use a midtone shade

    The best way to make a hooded lid recede is by using a midtone eye shadow over the entire lid. Begin using the color at the outside corner of the upper lash line and distribute it evenly across the hooded area. This effectively pushes the lid away and makes the eye appear larger and brighter. Apply a bit of the midtone shade along the lower lash line.

  3. Use a contour shade

    Use a brush to apply the contour shade from the base of the lash line to halfway across the eyelid. It should be layered on top of the midtone eye shadow shade. Also, smudge a bit of the contour color underneath the lash line to define the lower lashes.