How Should You Answer Questions in a Pageant Interview?

should-answer-questions-pageant-interview Credit: Michael Stewart / Contributor/WireImage/Getty Images

According to Pageant Planet, the key to answering interview questions well during a beauty pageant lies in staying calm and thinking fast. A good method for approaching these questions is to find a way to tell a story as part of the answer. Pageant Planet recommends its "STAR" system to help contestants find good interview answers while on the spot.

Pageant Planet's "STAR" system for answering pageant interview questions uses the word "star" as an acronym to remind contestants to think of a Situation, Task, Action and Result. When a question is posed, the contestant should immediately think of a personal story to use in the answer. In telling the story briefly, the contestant should start with the situation, which provides context, and be sure to highlight her positive traits throughout. The "Task" step involves stating what the contestant's goals were in that situation and is followed by listing specific actions taken to meet those goals. Finally, the story should end with the results.

When unexpected questions are asked during a beauty pageant interview, Pageant Planet recommends thinking fast and answering with the first response that comes to mind. Contestants should always remain confident, even if mistakes are made while providing answers.