What Are Some Short Wedge Haircuts for Women?

Short wedge haircuts for women include the retro wedge, turnover wedge, cap wedge and the vedge cut. Other options include the chunky colored wedge, hay cut wedge and curly wedge.

The curly wedge haircut is a bouncy, voluminous style with a side part. It is an excellent choice for women who want to display their curls while maintaining a short haircut. Another popular wedge style, the turnover, is an asymmetrical cut with long front pieces and an extremely short back. This style has a deep side part and is best suited to straight, fine hair.

A chunky colored wedge cut shows off bold highlights or streaks of color. Adding thick stripes of red, blue or pink gives an edge to an otherwise soft, straight cut. The cap wedge is another eye-catching short wedge haircut for straight hair. This style features short, rounded bangs that taper down the sides of the face, creating the appearance of a small, form-fitting cap.

The vedge haircut is a short statement hairstyle with slanted bangs that blend into long points below the ears. This style works best with straight, glossy hair. The retro wedge is another statement cut. It features elaborate front layers that add volume and visual interest.