What Are Some Short and Sassy Pixie Haircuts?

What Are Some Short and Sassy Pixie Haircuts?

Short and sassy pixie haircuts include a wavy pixie, long pixie with bangs, extravagant pixie, layered and tapered pixie and multi-faceted length pixie to complement all faces from oblong to round. Pixie cuts are increasingly popular due to their easy, versatile style that complements many hair colors and textures.

The short and sassy pixie cut complements any hair type, from thin and straight to wavy and thick. Some ideas for pixie haircuts include:

  • A curly, textured pixie:
  • The curly pixie can be achieved with naturally curly locks or by flat pin-curls for a tousled spiral look.

  • An edgy, inverted pixie:
  • Lighten the heft of thick locks by shaving one side of the head with a deep-parted pixie to provide an edgy, layered look.

  • A tousled pixie with bangs:
  • A tousled fringe in front adds coverage and texture to a short pixie cut.

  • Side-swept pixie with bangs and color:
  • A pixie in purple or violet adds a touch of sophistication to a wild side.

  • Choppy layers and striking colored pixie:
  • Blunt edges and a striking color such as white blond adds an edginess to facial features.

  • An asymetrical pixie:
  • Adding an asymmetrical line with optional shaved sides and side-swept bangs offers an anything-but-boring approach to a sassy pixie haircut.