What Are Some Short Quick-Weave Styles?

What Are Some Short Quick-Weave Styles?

Some short, quick-weave styles include a bob, a bowl cut and a pixie cut. The fastest and most efficient way to install these weaves is by using a weave or wig cap. No mater what style has been chosen, a quick weave is an easy way to change the look of the user's hair in under an hour.

  1. Purchase the weave cap and glue

    When creating a short, quick-weave style, start by purchasing a weave cap and bonding glue. These items can be obtained from most basic hair care stores that stock supplies that cater to African-Americans.

  2. Braid the natural hair

    Next braid the natural hair, making sure to leave some natural hair free from the braiding to cover the weave tracks. This is especially important for the bob style and bowl cuts.

  3. Sew the cap and braids

    Once the braiding is complete, sew the weave cap to the braids. A hole needs to be cut in the cap for the unbraided natural hair to come through.

  4. Cut and glue the weave pieces

    Cut the weave piece by piece, then use the bonding glue to attach it to the weave cap. Allow glue approximately 15 minutes to fully dry.

  5. Style the weave

    Once the glue is dry, cut the weave in the shape of a desired style. Next, curl and style the weave according to personal preference.