What Short Hairstyles Work on a Round Face?

Hairstyles that work for people with a round face include bobs and shag hairstyles that are slightly longer than the typical cheek-length cut. Bobs also work when styled using a side-swept bang. Short pixie-style haircuts also look good on people with a round face as long as they contain layers.

Women who have round faces should typically stay away from regular bob hairstyles, because such styles accentuate the roundness of the face. Bobs that are cut in a piece-y shape and styled imprecisely work well to break up the face's round appearance. The bob should be cut to a length that falls at least a couple of inches below the chin to enhance the facial features. Incorporating side-swept bangs adds angles to the hairstyle. This prevents the hairstyle from adding width to the face's natural roundness. The bangs should be cut so they hit at the cheekbones.

Hair that is cut in a pixie style on people with a round face should contain layers to prevent the hair from falling flat against the head. Pixie cuts that are cut too close to the head accentuate the roundness of the face. The hair should have a mix of lengths throughout to make it appear flattering. Adding lift to the hair at the crown helps elongate a round face. Including little pieces that graze the face emphasizes the eyes and cheekbones.