What Are Some Short Hairstyles That Include Shaving the Back of Your Head?


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There are three main categories of hairstyles for short hair with a shaved back of the head: the undercut, the Mohawk and the classic shaved head. Each of these three has variations that can be used to uniquely personalize the style.

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To achieve an undercut hairstyle, only the bottom of the back of the head is shaved. This thins the remaining hair and creates a trendy look when the hair is pulled up into a pony tail or bun, but it can be easily concealed if the hair is left down. The remaining hair can be styled and cut as short as desired.

A Mohawk involves shaving both the sides and the back of the head, leaving only the hair on the top unshaven. This remaining hair can be cut, curled, straightened and colored in any variety of ways.

Finally, a shaved head is also a trendy hair style, especially with the remaining short hairs dyed--usually a light blond for contrast. If desired, any shaved areas of hair can include portions that are more closely shaved than others to create designs, such as shapes and lines.

Various celebrities have opted for these hairstyles, including Miley Cyrus, Debbie Ryan and Cate Blanchett.

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