What Are Some Short Hairstyles for Black Hair?


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Versions of the pixie or bob are examples of short hairstyles for black hair. The mohawk, faux hawk, crop and mini-afro are other examples. Some haircuts can be left natural, while others require straightening.

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What Are Some Short Hairstyles for Black Hair?
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As of 2015, both the mohawk and the faux hawk, or peacock style, are examples of attractive hairstyles for black hair. The mohawk features buzzed sides with the top left long. The top is often styled to stand up. The faux hawk is similar except the sides are a little longer and blended into the top.

The singer Rihanna made popular a pixie style with long bangs. The back and sides are short and clean, while the top is left long and textured. A version of that is an asymmetrical hairstyle in which one side is left longer than the other. Alternatively, the pixie can be cut short all over with texture and styled in messy spikes.

A crop is a look for natural hair. In this case, the hair is cut into even layers that curl up naturally. Another option is blowing the curls out into a mini-afro.

Bobs are a classic for short hair. The bob can be cut evenly at any length from the chin to the shoulders. It can also be cut into an A-line, with the back shorter and sloping in a sharp line toward the front. Either bob can be worn straight or wavy.

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