What Are Some Short Haircuts for Older Women?

What Are Some Short Haircuts for Older Women?

The pixie, bob and shag are classic haircuts for older women. Extra texturizing, color placement or other details update the looks to make them flattering.

Many older women like to wear a pixie haircut because it is low-maintenance. A classic version is similar to the one actress Isabella Rossellini wears. This one is longer around the ears. The area at the forehead and neckline are wispy to soften the look.

Other women like to update the look so that it's similar to actress Angela Bassett's hair. She wears her pixie with spiky parts to frame the face. She also has a lot of texture in her crown so she can wear it spiked.

The bob is a classic hairstyle for women of any age. Actress Helen Mirren wears a cropped bob that hits at her chin line. She has a lot of layers in her hair so that she can wear the hairstyle wavy. She also has wispy bangs that sweep to the side to soften the lines.

Jane Fonda wears her hair in a shag cut, a perennial favorite for older women. The crown is long, and she wears it with fullness. Her hairstylist adds face-framing layers to the front that she can also sweep back. She often updates her look with light blond highlights.