Have Short Haircuts Always Been Popular for Men?


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Short haircuts became a staple for men around the 19th century, although historically they have been in and out of popularity since the 8th century. Generally, men wore long, elaborate wigs as a sign of status until the Victorian era, in which modesty was valued. In the 1920s, fashionable men started wearing their hair short and slicked back.

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Have Short Haircuts Always Been Popular for Men?
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In early history, short hair on men was a sign of modesty; it was usually worn by men of the church and those of lower status than the king. In the 11th century, many men adopted short hairstyles to mimic that of Charles VIII, as they did in the 16th century to copy Francis I.

At the start of the 20th century, short haircuts for men became standard and have remained so since. That being said, long hair came into fashion again in the '60s when the Beatles popularized the "mop top." Social movements during this time also brought long, straight hair and Afros into popularity.

During the '80s many men wore short, groomed hairstyles, but the popularity of rock and heavy metal bands brought shoulder length or longer hair curly hair into fashion as well. The grunge movement pushed against this in the '90s, popularizing shoulder length, unkempt hair like that of Kurt Cobain.

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